Are Questions the Subliminal Persuasion Game-Changer?

subliminal persuasion techniquesQuestions are incredibly powerful subliminal persuasion techniques, because they allow you to hijack someone’s thoughts without them knowing it. You can sneak on board, and steer their thoughts wherever you want them to go.

Okay…maybe that’s a little dramatic, so let me give you an example of this conversational hypnosis… ahem, treasure ;)

Of all the subliminal persuasion techniques, news networks and newspapers use this one the most to set a direction of thought within your mind. To persuade you to think whatever they want you to think about the stories.

Tune into one network and you might hear:

“The Bill for Universal Healthcare has been passed. How long will it be before government Death Panels kill your Grandma?”

The Bill has massive implications. But by asking this question, you’re not given the chance to think about any of them. Instead, you’re left thinking about what you’ve been directed to think about.

And by using such an emotionally charged question, they’ve set your mind racing in that direction like a runaway train.

And the fact that it’s all lies makes no difference.

Even if they decided to say: “Oops, sorry. We made up all that Death Panels stuff”, it wouldn’t really change things because you’ve already formed a negative opinion of the Bill.

Change the channel and you’ll probably hear:

“The Bill for Universal Healthcare has been passed. Are you one of the 32 million saved from dying at the hands of corporate greed?”

Here, the same subliminal persuasion techniques have been used to direct you to one of the many benefits of the Bill. Which means your opinion of it will be much more positive.

Are you starting to see how powerful questions are in conversational hypnosis?

And are you ready to find out how you can use questions to persuade people in everyday life?

Here it is. Say whatever it is you want them to think about.

Imagine how much more success you’ll have once you start to doing this every day.

Example: Sales Techniques

Say you’re selling an extended warranty. Instead of selling the benefits a warranty brings, use this conversational hypnosis technique and ask them to experience the benefits a warranty brings.

“And for only an extra 15%, you can have it guaranteed for 3 years. Imagine how good it will feel everyday, to know you’re in safe hands in case any one of the thousands of little components burns out.

You can sell benefits all day long, but isn’t it much better to have them sell themselves on the benefits?

Because if you say it, they can doubt you.

But if they think it, it’s true.

How much easier is it to persuade someone without even having to persuade them?

Example: Dating

“I agree, I’m probably not your usual type. And wouldn’t it be much better to meet someone different for a change? Because aren’t new experiences the best things in life?

Example: Relationships

“I agree, you want to go to Paris like we have for the last few years. But how much more exciting would it be for us to explore a brand new city for the first time together?

Example: Negotiating with your Manager

“I’d like to take Friday and Monday off. I know we’re in the middle of a project, so imagine how much more productive I’ll be over the next few weeks once I’m fully recharged, and ready to put in the hours needed.

How many other ways can you use this subliminal persuasion technique to change people’s minds and get more?