Subliminal Persuasion Techniques. Conversational Hypnosis. What’s it all about then?

“Wouldn’t life be peachy if people always saw things your way?”

subliminal persuasion techniques

How much easier would it be to get the career you want?

How much more would you sell? How big would your client list be? How painless would it be to manage people, and handle your boss?

How much more enjoyable would relationships and dating be when others want what you want?

(…do you sense a BUT coming up?)

BUT… people like to have their own opinions. And what’s more, they’ll naturally resist your ideas when it’s different from theirs.

Can you believe how selfish people can be? ;)

Without persuasion techniques, as you present your ideas, people are free to think what they like about them.

Imagine you’re walking someone down a long corridor, trying to get them to step through the big red door at the end. But there are dozens of open doors to the left and right. And with every step you take, they stop to peer in. If they find anything which seems half decent, guess what?

“Hey, thanks. But I think I’m just gonna stay here instead. Bye!”

Now imagine guiding them down the corridor, but this time they don’t even notice the other doors. By the time you get to the big red door, they’re happy to step through with you because you’ve comfortably led them there.

“Wow, I’m really beginning to see how much this will improve my life!”

How have you done this? Every step of the way, you’ve gently directed their focus. You’ve used subliminal persuasion techniques to control what they think about, while giving them the illusion of free thought. And what’s more, they’re happy because they believe they’ve been calling the shots the whole time.

Conversational Hypnosis…? Really…?

conversational hypnosisAfraid so. Ugh, I hate that term.

But it’s actually a really good way to describe subliminal persuasion techniques.

Hypnosis isn’t taking off your clothes and clucking like a chicken. Although if that’s what you enjoy, I won’t judge you ;)

Hypnosis a state of focused attention, which comes with a decrease in peripheral awareness. You become more open and less critical.

And isn’t that what we just talked about?

You’ll experience it naturally dozens of times a day. Being totally absorbed while watching a movie, reading a book, cooking, driving. You know that feeling when you lose track of time? That’s it too.

And do you want to know a secret?

At least one person today has already used conversational hypnosis to put you into this state (and persuade you!) without you even noticing it.

Yes, really.

If you’ve watched the news or read anything on the internet today, this is one of the subliminal persuasion techniques they’ve used to persuade you.

Mind control right under your nose. Eye opening, isn’t it?

Are you ready to use this to persuade now, or would you rather read a few more first and become familiar with how some other persuasive language patterns work?

Remember: it isn’t just about becoming more persuasive to increase your quality of life, it’s also about increasing your own awareness of subliminal persuasion techniques to protect yourself from persuasive, silver tongued devils ;)

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