Job Interview Tips and NLP Techniques

Everybody knows that job interviews need preparation. Find some useful job interview tips, practice the interview questions, know the right body language…

Absurdly, you need a completely different skill set to get the job, than you need to actually do the job.

Which kind of defeats the whole point of a job interview, doesn’t it? I mean, an employer goes to all this trouble to find the right candidate. But instead, they end up with the candidate who’s most persuasive.

Myth: ‘The best person for the job gets it’

Reality: It’s the person who performs best in the interview.

This misunderstanding has held back almost every job seeker. Maybe you didn’t apply for a job because you thought there’d be better candidates. Maybe you had a huge amount of experience and qualifications, but the job still went to someone else. Or maybe you’ve seen someone in a job, and wondered how someone so useless could have ever won the position.

If you’re at the interview, you’re capable of doing the job. This means everyone else being interviewed is also capable. So from now on it’s all down to your performance.

These articles will help you become more persuasive, and help you nail your performance.

Discover the best ways to win over your interviewer now with these job interview tips, and give yourself the best chance of having the career you really deserve.

Interview Tips
6 Interview Tips to help you make light work of your job interview.

Interview Questions
A complete list of common Interview Questions you can expect to hear.

Answering Interview Questions
Powerful interview techniques to help you in answering interview questions, including the STAR and CLAMPS methods.

Interview Questions and Answers
There are 7 Tough Questions you’ll hear in every Job Interview. Here are those Interview Questions and Answers.

Interview Questions to Ask an Employer
How to develop a strategy with interview questions to ask an employer, giving you a huge advantage over every other candidate.

Phone Interview Tips
How you can overcome the unique challenges you face with Phone Interviews.

Phone Interview Questions and Answers
The 20 Phone Interview Questions you’re likely to hear, and how to answer them.

Interview Thank You Letter
Direct your interviewer to imagine you as the perfect candidate with a persuasive interview thank you letter.