Interview Tips

Here are the 6 most important Interview Tips to help with your job interview preparation.

Interview Tips #1: Research, and Prepare your Answers

interview tipsMake sure you’ve researched the company you’re meeting with thoroughly, and prepare to sell yourself.

To help you prepare, familiarise yourself with the different questions you could be asked, how to answer them, and how to handle some of the trickier ones interviewers love to throw in the mix.

Doing this will increase your chances. And to give yourself the best possible chance of getting the career you want, read this. Future you will thank you for it, I promise.

Interview Tips #2: Rehearse

Rehearse your answers out loud. As you do this, great things start to happen.

Speaking and simultaneously listening to how your answers sound engages much more of your brain than thinking alone. This helps with memory retention, so you learn it more quickly. Boom!

job interviewIt also irons out any kinks with your answer, because when you think about your answers, you’re not really thinking in full sentences. Make your mistakes and stumble over any words in the privacy of your living room.

Remember: your interview isn’t the time to practice; it’s the time to perform what you’re already comfortable with!

So make it fun and rewarding – print out this list of interview questions and give it to a friend or family member. Ask them to pick a few questions from each section to ask you. When it comes to the big day, it will all be old hat.

Interview Tips #3: Dress

psychological interview tacticsMake sure your suit is clean and pressed, your shirt or blouse is ironed, and your shoes are polished well before time. First impressions still mean a lot.

And pay attention to the details. Make sure your shirt is fully buttoned, and your sleeves are rolled down. Gents, make sure your tie is just long enough to touch your belt buckle, and tie a good knot. The Windsor knot is a good choice.

It might sound like nitpicking, but you’d be surprised at the difference this makes. To some people, failing at this means you’re careless. And for the rest your interview, they’ll be listening for things which confirm this judgement.

Interview Tips #4: Leave in Plenty of Time

job interview tipsMake sure you know where you’re going and how to get there. Check your route on Google Maps and print off any maps or directions. Or if you’re using a Smartphone, make sure your route is saved.

Leave early and get there early. Aim to arrive 45 minutes early to account for any travel delays. Then compose yourself and relax in a local coffee shop, before arriving at your interview 10 minutes early. Any earlier and you’ll be making life difficult for your interviewer by putting pressure on them to change their schedule.

Make sure you choose a coffee shop and not a pub, bar or anywhere else that serves alcohol. The last thing you want to do is turn up smelling of booze.

Interview Tips #5: Take Everything You Need

secret psychological interview tacticsYou’ll be surprised at how common it is for an interviewer to forget your CV. So bring a few extra copies. I agree, it’s hard to get your head around how this can be forgotten because the whole point of the interview is to talk about your CV!

And having interviewed candidates myself, I understand why it happens. To find out more about how your interviewer thinks, and how to use it to get the advantage, click here.

And also take a pen and a pad to take notes, and a portfolio if appropriate.

If you do take a portfolio, make sure it’s well organised and neatly bound in new looking folders. Just like with the way you dress, tatty stationary and disorganised papers will communicate that you’re careless.

A quick tip with using portfolios – don’t force them on your interviewer. Instead, mention it when appropriate, have the right page ready, and offer them the option of looking at it.

I appreciate that these examples will further your case. But there’s nothing worse than being made to sit and look at every page. If an interviewer is being forced to look at it, they won’t be taking it in. They’ll be making impressed noises while secretly forming bad opinions of you.

Interview Tips #6: Be Professional

job interview preparationBe professional from the moment you set foot on the property. Walk, talk and act like you mean business. Because that’s what they’re after.

Be polite, respectful and formal. Address them by Mr. / Mrs. and their surname, unless they ask you to call them their first name.

They will try to make you feel at home, but the key is to not relax too much.


So there we have it. Some job interview tips, and some cats. Something for everyone then. Unless you aren’t interviewing and don’t like cats. In which case, why are you here? I joke. I’m very pleased to meet you, and I’m glad you stopped by. You look lovely today, by the way.

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