Leading their Thoughts using Conversational Hypnosis

You’re sitting at your computer and you’ve clicked through to this page, which means you’re curious about conversational hypnosis language patterns.

As you read this, you’ll quickly understand how you can use this subliminal persuasion technique to lead someone to think whatever you want them to think, without any kind of resistance.

And as you consider this and think about what this means to you, I’m sure you can imagine specific areas of your life where you’d love to see your results explode.

Now, you might have read some of the previous articles I’ve written, and you might already know how useful NLP can be, so you’re probably already aware of how easily you can absorb these patterns until they’re a natural part of everyday speech.

I know you’re keen to get to this conversational hypnosis language pattern, and while you’re sitting comfortably, I wonder if you’ve noticed how your own perspective on language has shifted. And I wonder how excited you can get, knowing you can get your own way just by making small changes in how you speak.

Pacing and Leading in Conversational Hypnosis

Pacing and leading is a nice and easy subliminal persuasion technique. All you do is pace their current experience, and then lead them to where you want them to be.

See, I told you it was easy ;)

If you’re in sales, you’ll find similarities to ‘yes sets’.

“We’ve talked about your needs? And we’ve talked about the product? And you’ve seen the product in action? And seen firsthand how it meets your needs? So now the only thing left to do is complete the order.”

Pace, pace, lead.

To use it in conversational hypnosis, pace things in their experience which they can easily verify with their senses. You’re sitting comfortably, reading these words, and that means you’re almost ready to experience the benefits of using this.

Pace, pace, lead.

Read the first section again, now, to see all the instances I’ve used this subliminal persuasion technique. Readyyy…. go! :)

Now that you’ve read the first paragraph again, and picked out all the times I’ve used this pattern, you’ve probably noticed some of the other subliminal persuasion techniques from this website thrown in there too, which means you’re beginning to understand the power of these language patterns when used together.

Examples of this Subliminal Persuasion Technique



“You’ve invited me here, and you’ve set time aside to talk to me, which means there’s a problem you can no longer ignore. What is that problem?”



“Your work is consistently high, and you’re keen to further your career. Which is why I’m sure you’re ready to take on more responsibility”



“You’re out on a Thursday night, with a big group of friends, which means you’re adventurous. You see what you want and go for it, without worrying what other people think”



“You’ve set aside some time to go through these examples, and you want to see results, which means you understand you must make special effort to practice this a few times with some people before it can come naturally”


Job Interviews

“You’ve read my CV and we’ve talked at length about the differences I can make. What’s the one question you haven’t yet asked me, the answer of which will make you say: ‘Yes, you’re the right candidate for this job’?”

…okay, maybe not. The way I’ve used the conversational hypnosis pattern here is too overt. But to find out how you can be completely (and covertly) persuasive throughout the entire interview process, click here.