Persuade without Persuading, using Conversational Hypnosis

Everybody knows how powerful conversational hypnosis can be in taking someone from state a, to state b.

In taking someone from indifference to wanton desire, for example. And by now, I’m sure you’re beginning to realise how you can use subliminal persuasion techniques to be more successful in every aspect of life.

It wouldn’t surprise me if you can already see how it can make you a better manager, leader, negotiator or salesperson. And I’m sure you might even be a little excited once you’ve already understood how effective it is with dating and relationships.

What you’ve just seen is a great example of awareness patterns in action. I’m sure you can already see how much easier life can be once you can convince someone without actually having to provide any evidence!

Take the first sentence.

I could have said “conversational hypnosis is powerful in taking someone from state a, to state b”. The trouble with that though, is that you could either think “yes”, “no”, “really?”, or “how?”

But by saying that everybody knows it, you’ll accept it without question.

Next, I haven’t tried to convince you that subliminal persuasion techniques can make you more successful in every aspect of your life. I’ve focused your attention on whether or not you’re beginning to realise it yet.

That it can make you more successful has slipped straight through your consciousness and become fact. And now the only thing you can agree or disagree with is if whether or not you’ve realised it.

What a sneaky man I am ;)

And now you can be just as sneaky too, because here is exactly how you can use this conversational hypnosis language pattern in everyday life.

Using Awareness Patterns as a Subliminal Persuasion Technique

To slip in a thought you want them to accept as fact, start the thought with one of these:

As you know…

I’m sure you know that…

Everybody knows…





For example:

“Clearly, using subliminal persuasion techniques means you can double your income AND double your success with the opposite sex” ;)

Another way is to draw their attention to whether or not they…

realise / notice / are aware of / see / or understand

…the thought you want them to have.

For example:

“I’m sure you’re beginning to understand how easy it is to experience success like you’ve never imagined, using conversational hypnosis.”

And another way is to draw their attention to how…

surprised / excited

They’ll be once they…

realise / notice / become aware of / see / understand

…the thing you want them to believe.

For example:

“I wonder how excited you can get once you understand how profoundly different your life will be a year from now, once you’ve mastered subliminal techniques.”

Real-life Examples

Here are some more examples, although they’re probably redundant because by now I’m sure you’re beginning to realise how easy this conversational hypnosis pattern actually is.


“Everybody knows our customer service is second to none.”


“You might be surprised to see your sales triple as a result of mastering subliminal persuasion techniques.”


“I wonder if you’re already aware of how deep a connection we seem to have, and how meaningful it is because everybody knows a bar is the worst place to meet someone who’s genuine.”

And now that you’ve seen plenty of examples of this subliminal persuasion technique in action, I wonder how excited you can get at the thought of using your new conversational hypnosis skills to get whatever you want.